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State Of Cloud Hosting Today: What You Ought To Know

Who in the IT word today is yet to catch on with the buzz regarding the cloud? Cloud computing has been growing steadily the last few years. In the near future, every startup entrepreneur will have to know their way around cloud computing to make significant headway into any market. With these trends, it is no wonder that many companies have emerged to offer cloud hosting services. A quick look at reveals why companies should consider cloud hosting. True North says cloud hosting allows businesses to save big while improving performance. So, if you are already sold on switching to the cloud, what are the things you ought to know? Consider the following:

Cloud hosting will lower your costs

Lowering operational costs remains the prime reason why business executives are switching to the cloud. According to available statistics, over 80% of companies that have shifted their operations to the cloud have recorded lower operational costs. It is not surprising given that companies save quite some money when they stop running their own servers under a cloud computing environment.

Cloud security concerns are still an issue

While many business organizations have shown interest in shifting to the cloud, they have shown reluctance because they are concerned about how safe their businesses would be in the cloud. Many others worry about giving up their company information and business secrets to third parties. They wonder how smart it would be to give up such sensitive information to cloud providers.

That said, anyone who has been keeping up with the developments with the cloud would tell you that the last few years have seen a drastic improvement in cloud security. Any of today’s cloud hosting provider understands that their business survival is closely linked to how well they can keep their client’s business information safe. All the same, it is the responsibility of the company seeking out a cloud services provider to do its own research before handing over their company information to another company.

Cloud hosting will increase productivity

Through the cloud, employees are able to get more work done than they would otherwise. This is because they can access company resources even on-the-go. The reduction in the time wasted during travel and the capability of working remotely using any device has been found to increase efficiency and productivity in business organizations. If your cloud hosting provider properly implements the cloud for you company, you will in a few months start to note the difference that cloud hosting brings.